Alistair Holland

Software Engineer at BlackRock

ETF & Index Investments Research & Analytics

Current Projects

Realtime ETF Analytics Streaming Platform

Core backend developer using microservices and Apache Kafka to to provide a realtime ETF trading analytics platform.

Previous Projects at J.P. Morgan

Virtual Account Management Microservices

Delivered a new accounting system, composed of resilient, scalable microservices. Experienced the challenges that service-oriented architectures pose and learnt how to properly design and implement RESTful APIs.

Realtime Payments Middleware

Transformed end-of-day payment processing and reconciliation into a realtime, intraday operation. Gained experience working on critical systems and learnt about various messaging technologies.

Distributed Ledger Payments Platform

Core full-stack developer in one of the first teams to bring distributed ledger technology to the firm. Delivered a modern payments platform prototype, using ethereum as the underlying blockchain.